History of Buddha Dharma In the Footsteps of the Buddha From the Ancient Past to the Present Moment

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Mon Nov 2, 10:00 AM - Mon Dec 7, 11:00 AM (PST)

Course Description
The History of Buddha Dharma investigates the background of the historical Buddha and his revolutionary journey to spread the Dharma in contemporary society 2600 years ago. Focusing on the impact and the propagation of Dharma from ancient India throughout Asia, from the Buddha’s skillful role in planting the Dharma seeds to his final passing, we will further explore the role of the Buddhist Councils and their significance in uplifting the Buddha’s teachings. Creating a framework in understanding the spread of Dharma, this course will tap into the influence of legendary rulers, Emperor Aśoka and King Kāṇiṣka; compare and contrast the development of Buddhist Schools of thought; provide insight into textual and scriptural scholarship of the Buddha’s teachings from Pāli and Sanskrit scholars and highlight the contributions of the Nālandā tradition. Meaningful dialogue and guided meditation provide the backdrop for the course introduction.

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