Wisdom Talks for Modern Times

$55+ usd
Thu Apr 7, 5:30 AM - Sat Aug 27, 7:00 AM (PDT)
Wisdom Talks for Modern Times

The Philosophy and Practice of Vasubandhu’s Abhidharmakośa-bhāṣya

A course taught by Venerable Lodro Sangpo

The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International in copartnership with Dharma College is happy to announce that Ven. Lodro Sangpo will be leading a 10 class presentation of Abhidharmakoshabhashya.
The key sections and principles of the first eight chapters will be discussed from the point of view of a systematic presentation of the Sarvastivada system. At the same time we will also look at how the familiarization with these key points can be crucial for understanding the nature and functioning of our own mind, both in terms of its confused and awakened aspects.
The course will have ten classes over a 5 month period.
  • The first and second classes will be on Saturday, July 30, 2022 and Sunday, July 31
  • The third and fourth classes will be on Saturday, Aug 27, 2022 and Sunday, Aug 28
  • The fifth and sixth classes will be on Saturday, Sep 24, 2022 and Sunday, Sep 25
  • The seventh and eighth classes will be on Saturday, Oct 22, 2022 and Sunday, Oct 23
  • The ninth and tenth classes will be on Saturday, Nov 19, 2022 and Sunday, Nov 20
Who can attend: Everyone. But if people have to miss classes due to whatever reason, they are requested to view as soon as possible the recordings of the missed class(es). People are also requested to make personal summary points of each of the classes.
Course Material:
The source materials for this cause will be made available in PDF format one month prior to the beginning of the course. Additional materials will be provided as seems fit during the course.
We suggest making a $20 donation for the extensive source material that will be made available to students in a PDF format. https://www.kccl.ca/donate/