Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Section 1)

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Wed Jan 12, 11:00 AM - Wed Feb 16, 12:30 PM (PST)
Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits (Section 1)

Mind itself has rarely been the subject of serious observation and sustained inquiry that can reveal a way of understanding that dissolves our problems and blossoms into creative freedom. Tarthang Tulku’s seminal book, Revelations of Mind, is a rare exception, a contemporary teaching for liberating the modern mind. This six-week course will work from Searcher Reaches Lands Limits, an in depth commentary on Tarthang Rinpoche’s Revelations of Mind. The course investigates how we have ignored just how central our mind is to the quality of our lives by closely observing the operations of mind and learning to befriend it. We will develop a clearer understanding of how mind cognizes, identifies and re-cognizes experience, the role of language plays in reification of the ‘self’ and ‘world’, entrapping us into a powerful regime that perpetuates stress, reactivity and suffering. However, this is not the only way mind can operate; this course is an invitation to a journey that immunizes ourselves from the tyranny of the mind’s regime and opens into new depths of understanding. 

This course is open to all who are interested in the nature of mind, experience, and human flourishing.

Live on zoom and recorded for all registrants.

Searcher Reaches Land's Limits by Richard Dixey is available on Amazon or at Dharma College’s Lotus bookstore. (There is no need to purchase Revelations of Mind; it is contained in the Searcher commentary). 

Dr Ron Purser

Associate Instructor

Dr. Kathleen Lyon

Assistant Teacher