Lotus Mind

$150 usd
Fri May 13, 10:00 AM - Fri Jul 8, 11:30 AM (PDT)

Content of the Course: 

This first term of Lotus Mind introduces us to ‘searching, knowing mind’ –the “boss” who judges and frames our experience and weaves the stories that create our identity. Through dialogue and active inquiry, we consider our stances toward thoughts, positioning as perceiver/ observer, as well as the calm and clarity of the yogi Milarepa’s play of ocean-mind. We may open up our potential to new knowledge and liberating ways of engagement. 


Week 1: Mind Appears to be Writing this Drama

Week 2: Turning it Around: The Yogi’s Path 

Week 3: Knowing Mind  

Week 4: The Life of the Mind

Week 5: Properties of Thought

Week 6: A Private Reserve

Week 7: Like a Bubble 

What a student will learn:

To engage in dialogue and inquiry that opens our potential to new knowledge. 

To open up the framework of “a student will learn” – understanding the mind that says, “Got it.” 

To uncover rich potential in senses and perception. 

Dr. Abbe Blum

Senior Instructor